Loustri radio Show @ Acik Radyo no 07/57

Back on track! After two weeks of promotional activities the Loustri Radio Show is back, as it’s supposed to be.


Loustri Radio Show @ Acik Radyo Season 57, No 07

Today, Sunday, June the 18th, 2023 the SEVENTH  radio show of the music ensemble LOUSTRI (of the 57th season) on Açık Radyo (open radio) of Istanbul at 19.00 hours (UTC+3).


(follow the link to listen online)

LOUSTRI-M: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm9OPQlWxqutwnnsbSiBQXQ

Music: Metin Belgn, M. Hatzidakis, Dimitra Galani, Yannis Spanos, Lakis Papas, Grigors Bithikotsis, G. Dalaras, Nikos Gatsos, M. Theodorakis, Manolis Mitsias, Nikos Gounaris, Roza Eskenazi, Gorkem Saoulis, Kadri Şençalar, Christos Kehagias, Yannis Saoulis. 

The show is edited and presented – on behalf of the music ensemble Loustri (Shoeshine boys) – by Yannis Saoulis, Görkem Saoulis and Asimoula Saoulis.

Enjoy listening!


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