A narrative concert in remembrance of the population Exchange 

between Greece and Turkey

The concept:

An audiovisual stage performance interspersed with poems and narrations about the population exchange that took place between Greece and Turkey 100 years ago.

The actors:

Music: Loustri Music Ensemble and friends 

(A music ensemble consisting of Greek and Turkish musicians (*)

Narration: Metin Belgin

In detail:

The show consists of songs and music in two languages referring to common cultural elements which existed and still exist on both sides of the Aegean Sea.

Repertoire: Greek and Turkish traditional songs, Rebetiko songs and contemporary art music which are inspired by the tragic historical events that took place 100 years ago and led to the uprooting of hundreds of thousands of people from their homeland.

For example, music of A. Badjanos (Istanbul 1888-1950), Z. Livaneli (Turkey), E. Sayan (Turkey), M. Hadjidakis (1925-1994 Athens), St. Xarhakos (Athens), Y. Saoulis (Thessalonica), traditional Anatolian songs, Rebetika, songs from Black Sea region, religious Lebanese songs a.o.   

During the show, poems and real stories related to the population exchange that started in 1923, are narrated by one of the best narrators in Turkey (Language: Turkish.)

(*) In addition, the show offers a visual presentation and an optional solo dance performance.

The mission

A tribute to the people who were forced to leave their homes on both sides of the Aegean. The presentation of a story aims to unite people, based on their common cultural grounds.

The sound colors:

Kanun – vocals

Guitar – vocals

Bouzouki – vocals


Upright Bass






Baglama – Violin – vocals

2nd Bouzouki – Vocals


Show concept and design by: Yannis Saoulis, Gorkem Saoulis, Metin Belgin, Arkan Çinetçi.

Music arranged by: Yannis Saoulis.

Loustri Music ensemble

Music which shines after polishing…