Loustri radio Show @ Acik Radyo no 19/56

Loustri Radio Show @ Acik Radyo Season 56, No 19

Today, Sunday, March the 12th, 2023 the NINETEENTH radio show of the music ensemble LOUSTRI (of the 56th season) on Açık Radyo (open radio) of Istanbul at 19.00 hours (UTC+3).


(follow the link to listen online)

LOUSTRI-M: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm9OPQlWxqutwnnsbSiBQXQ

The London column: Arkan Çinetci talks about Apostolos Hatzichristos.

Song: Hatzichristos

Performer: Stella Haskil & Dimitris Efstathiou.

Music: Rita Abatzi, Dimitris Roumeliotis, Adonis Dalgas, Panos Gavalas, M. Chiotis, Stellakis Perpiniadis, S. Kazatzidis, Poly Panou, Giorgos Mitsakis,  Anna Pagana,  Sotiria Bellou, Vasilis Tsitsanis, Haris Lemonopoulos.

The show is edited and presented – on behalf of the music ensemble Loustri (Shoeshine boys) – by Yannis Saoulis, Görkem Saoulis, Asimoula Saoulis and Arkan Cineci.

Enjoy listening!


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